​Welcome to the Pennsylvania Academic and
Career/Technical Training Alliance (PACTT)
What is the Pennsylvania Academic and
Career & Technical Training (PACTT) Alliance?
PACTT Affiliate testimonials about what PACTT means to them....
  • “PACTT offers at-risk youth support and resources for education and vocation, to ensure reduced recidivism and positive outcomes, as well as promote success and achievement in their work, schools, and community.”
  • “PACTT is a program designed to help youth obtain the essential skills and interpersonal skills to obtain employment and be successful in their lives when they return home to their communities.”
  • “PACTT is a program that follows youth in the delinquent system in order to improve educational tracking/services whereby improving the likelihood of those youths becoming positive, functional, employed members of society.”
  • “PACTT is an organization that encourages Pennsylvania programs that serve delinquent students to provide career training, academic instruction, competency certification, and documented achievement that results in effective client case management.”